Blast Off!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I love drama.  So when I was given the opportunity to host an ISTA (International Schools Theatre Association) Festival, I jumped at the chance!  In fact, I jumped in deeper than most and offered to host two – the Lower Primary and Primary Festivals.

After some thought, I settled on the theme of space, with a slightly different slant for each Festival.  The Lower Festival would focus on traveling in space, being astronauts.  The Primary one would look at finding new worlds to colonise and the possibility of meeting different life forms.

IMG_4676The team at my school did an amazing job of creating the vision I had.  The excitement on the learners faces as they entered the space for the first time was just wonderful to see – visitors from schools across Singapore marvelled as they were transported into outer space.

As always, the ISTA artists had the learners engaged and enthused all weekend, as they took them on their journey through black holes, to supernovas and beyond!

It was a real privilege to be a part of such a respected organisation.

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